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The Ponyforum GmbH

The Ponyforum GmbH is a professional agency for numerous German Riding Pony societies. The organisation considers itself a modern service provider, whose job is to market ponies with the maximum professionality and competency. Every year, we organise several sales events for Riding Ponies, with a different focus at various different locations throughout the whole of Germany.

There is, for instance, a Riding Pony foal auction, a grading with subsequent auction for Riding Pony stallions, as well as the renowned Ponyforum Open Sales (POS) for dressage ponies of the highest class; and finally the Sportponyverkaufstage (Sports Pony Sales Days) for beginner ponies right up to the experienced schoolmaster.

The owners themselves travel to the POS and the Sportponyverkaufstagen with their ponies to present them, and to answer any questions regarding their ponies. All ponies can be tried in a relaxed atmosphere and subsequently purchased direct from the seller. They are not auctioned, but have a fixed price range. The candidates for the collection have been chosen from throughout Germany prior to the event by the experienced Ponyforum team, and tested for their characteristics. The benefits for the customer are clear. The ponies offered are selected and described in a neutral fashion, and there is independent advice and consultation available from our experienced team.

Also, as a large number of ponies are for sale in a single location, this eliminates long journeys to individual sellers. Additionally, all ponies are fully vetted and insured. Furthermore, the ponies are not familiar with the event location, so the customer can get a true impression of how their preferred candidate copes in particular situations.

The Ponyforum GmbH is glad to assist with the transaction or any other formalities, such as journey planning, hotels, invoicing in the event of a purchase, transport, etc.